As a courtesy to our patients, service charges may be billed directly to insurance providers. Insurance forms may be mailed or electronically delivered from our Cody office.

Although we file claims on patients’ behalf, our core responsibility is with your medical care. Patients should ensure timely payment for these claims.

Billing statements are distributed on a monthly basis. Any questions you have should be addressed immediately by calling (307)-527-3345, (307) 578-1923 or (307) 578-1965.

If reimbursement is sent directly to a patient, BMC expects reimbursements to be delivered to our office immediately upon receipt.

We will make every effort to assist you in appealing denied claims when the insurance company requires the appeal to come from the subscriber, not the medical provider. Should a denial be rendered, service charges shall remain due and payment is expected in a timely fashion.

Please review our Patient Credit & Collection Policy here. Credit & Collection Policy form

If Work Related

Workers’ compensation claims need to be submitted with the date of injury, body part and case number. Please provide our office with all three at the time of your first visit.

Any disability and/or compensation forms should be completed, signed by the patient, and delivered to our Cody office. Please deliver forms to our office staff, not medical providers. The provider portion will be completed and mailed to the appropriate entity within five business days of receipt.